Virtual IPES Fall 2016

September 30 - 10 AM Eastern Time
"Aid Diplomacy Reconsiderd: Survey evidence on the microfoundations of foreign aid suspensions"
Haley Swedlund , Nijmegen School of Management,
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Chair: Raymond Hicks (Princeton University)
Discussants:Sarah Bermeo (Duke University), Sarah Bush (Temple University), Simone Dietrich(University of Essex), Martin Steinwand (Stony Brook University), Joseph Wright Penn State University

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October 28 - 12 PM Eastern time
"Partner-switching and Strategy-updating: A coevolving network model of free trade negotiation"
Hsuan-Wei Lee, Department of Mathematics, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) and Huan-Kai Tseng, George Washington University
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Chair:Cristina Bodea (Michigan State University)
Discussants: Leonardo Baccini (McGill University), Xun Cao (Penn State University), Robert Gulotty (University of Chicago), Iain Osgood (University of Michigan)

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November 18 - 10:30 AM Eastern time
"How Prior Legal Rulings Affect Future Outcomes"
Jeffrey Kucik, City College of New York
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Chair: Rachel Wellhausen (University of Texas)
Discussants: Mark Copelovitch (University of Wisconsin), Christina Davis (Princeton University),Yon Lupu (George Washington University), B. Peter Rosendorff (New York University)

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December 2 - 8:30 AM Eastern time
"Labor Clauses in Free Trade Agreements: worker protection or protectionism?"
Celine Carrere, University of Geneva, Marcelo Olarreaga, University of Geneva, and Damian Raess, University of Reading
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Chair: James Morrison (London School of Economics)
Discussants: Nita Rudra (Georgetown University), Adam Dean (Middlebury College), Sean Ehrlich (Florida State University)