World Economics and Politics Dataverse

A queryable data resource for comparative and international political economy.

Our Collaborators
The Security and Political Economy (SPEC) Lab at the University of Southern California conducts interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on issues at the intersection of climate change, security, and economic development.
The Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at Princeton University began operation in Fall 2004 and is directed by Helen V. Milner. The Center promotes collaborative research on globalization and international governance issues.

The World Economics and Politics (WEP) Dataverse is a queryable data resource for comparative and international political economy.

Data are available for more than 200 countries, with observations spanning from 1800 until 2018, when available.

The WEP database amasses country-year and data-year data from nearly 100 datasets.

The database includes over 900 variables, covering politics, economics, geography, social and cultural. Users can download as many or as few as needed.

Users can customize tailored datasets by specifying the desired countries, years, and variables. Selected data will automatically be compiled into one downloadable file, eliminating the need to merge data from across various sources.

We provide a How-To Guide for downloading the data and also answer frequently asked questions.


It is important to give direct credit to the scholars and institutions that created the original data compiled here. We have received permission from the authors of each of dataset for which there are not already publicly posted terms of use granting permission to reproduce the data for non-commercial purposes. Any publications using data drawn from this resource should include citations to the original source(s) of the data used. Citation information for each component dataset is included in the country-year and dyad-year codebooks.

When using the WEP data, please cite:

- Graham, Benjamin .A.T., Raymond Hicks, Helen Milner, and Lori D. Bougher. 2018. World Economics and Politics Dataverse.

- Graham, Benjamin A.T. and Jacob R. Tucker. 2017. “The International Political Economy Data Resource.” Review of International Organizations 14(1):149-61.